DIRE supports undocumented individuals and their families facing immigration and detention crises.

If you or someone you love is experiencing family separation or other immigration issues, call our toll free number. You will be connected with a DIRE team member who will take down your information to assess how DIRE can best provide support.

Call 1-888-DIRE-SOS (1-888-347-3767) For Spanish-Speaking Dispatchers

DIRE for Ukrainians: if you are 1) Ukrainian and have recently arrived 2) You are hosting newly arrived Ukrainians 3) You are a leader in the Ukrainian community who has insight into specific needs of specific arrivals. 4) You wish to be a volunteer to Ukrainian arrivals 

Call 877-676-8499 for Ukrainian & Russian-Speaking Dispatchers

DIRE Support Services

DIRE’s Navigators (Guias) assist individual families facing immigration and/or detention crises by pairing community volunteers who can listen and advocate based on individual situations/needs. Navigators are trained and supported by DIRE staff.

DIRE Legal provides low cost immigration legal services to low-income immigrants and their families

Detention Visitation

DIRE partners with the Reformed Church of Highland Park to visit individuals in immigration detention.


Contact us at:
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